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Brother & sisters


During Mado’s fotoshoot I also made some portraits of her brother and sister…




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A few images from a recent (communion) shoot with Mado.







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Tour of Belgium

Today was the second stage of the Tour of Belgium.
It was the first time that a stage of the Tour of Belgium started in Lochristi and I was there…






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Snapshot of Ella and her new bicycle…



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New website

As you may have noticed I have changed the layout of my website.
The reason why I changed the layout is that I have two websites, a WordPress blog and my portfolio site, which was hosted by 1x.com.

Because I wanted to have the same layout for both websites and because I am very happy with what WordPress has to offer I decided to use WordPress for both www.timcorbeel.com and www.timcorbeel.be (ticor.be).

When I finaly had decided what I wanted to do, the search for a suitable WordPress template could begin.

I compared different free and payable WordPress templates and in the end there were two (payable) templates, that caught my interest, ProPhotoBlogs and RAWfolio.

Both RAWfolio and ProPhotoBlogs offer beautiful default templates, which you can completely customize.

I have chosen for RAWfolio: Click here to view more details

RAWfolio is new and it recently launched WordPress templates which are made for photographers.

The big difference between ProPhotoBlogs and RAWfolio is that ProPhotoBlogs offers true blog templates, while the RAWfolio framework functions like a website first, and blog second.

At this moment RAWfolio is still in beta-phase and because of that you can purchase the framework at a reduced price until Mai 15th.

The basic template of RAWfolio is the framework. Once you have purchased this framework it is possible to buy an extra add-on theme. At this moment there are 3 add-on themes available: click

My website is made with the framework without an extra add-on theme.

Thanks to RAWfolio menu, which is available in the WordPress Dashboard, it is easy to customize the website and blog to your needs.

I purchased the RAWfolio framework a week ago and I have spent already quite some time “playing” with the different settings and possibilities.

Today the developer of RAWfolio released again some new features. One of them makes it possible to automatically update your portfolio with the images you post on your blog.

I can’t say anything bad about RAWfolio’s service/support.
The contact with the developer is very good. Questions are answered very fast and the small problems I have had (Beta phase remember) are solved immediately. Also some suggestions I’ve made were added to the template.

I’m very happy with what RAWfolio has to offer and I hope that you will like my new website(s).

If you too would be interested in purchasing the RAWfolio framework, use the following code and you’ll receive a 10% discount: 11CORBEEL10

Take a look around and I you have questions or remarks don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.

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